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Property Maintenance:

Please, keep in mind the HOA by laws and Canton ordinance have certain property standards. We have had complaints about property lines not being kept up. There are items that are out of our control, but please feel free to contact the Canton Ordinance for more details to your questions.


Road repair/replacement for 2020 is complete. We have applied for more road repair for 2021-2023. We will most likely not see any road repairs again until 2022. At that point our goal is to focus on the remaining curbs in front of residential  driveways.

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Get To Know Us

North Woods Place is a sub division that has been around for more than 2 decades that takes pride in a small community feel. The goal for our subdivision is to work together to keep our community safe, secure, and looking great. We will be using this website and e-mail for community communication. 


Important Information

Community Activities and Information


Sub Division Deals

Our goal is to work with small, local, and reputable companies to take care of our sub. During this process we will negotiate certain prices for sub-wide deals on certain items that we will announce in this section. Deals currently being worked on include:

- Lawn Mowing : $28

(Scorpion Lawn Care) (517) 292-9186

- Sprinkler Winterization : $38

(United Sprinkler) (734) 259-0171

* Interested in adding your company deal on the website? Contact the HOA. Please, support local area businesses.

Dollar Notes

Snow Plowing Issues?

All issues regarding snow plowing problems will be addressed to our main sub email. You may also email the Snow Plow company directly at

Snow Plow Company: DS Ultimate Landscaping 

Fresh Snow

Community Activities

Community Activities and Information

Next HOA Meeting

May 2022 : TBD

E-Mails Needed

Just a reminder... We are in need of your information to communicate with you. Please, e-mail your information to

******INFORMATION NEEDED: Name(s), Address, and preferred e-mail address.*****

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Effective November 4, 2019 the Northwoods Place Subdivision trash pick up will be on Thursday. Canton re-zoned many areas including our area for a new pick up day. 

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Contact Us

Please, either email or fill out the form for any questions or concerns. Our goal is to work as a community.

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All the Answers You Seek — In One Place

When are assessments due and how should I pay?

Assessments are $385 per household. They are due no later than February 28 of each year. Failure to pay on time will result in a monthly $10 fee.
You will need to issue a check for payment.

What are the bylaws of your community?

Who should I contact if I spot a burned out street light or dead tree?

Contact for any issues or concerns in the neighborhood. The association does not solve situations such as a wild animal(animal control) or a crime in the neighborhood (police).

Community Events

Contact the HOA to advertise your company or event here.


2020 Road Program

NWP has completed the majority of the road work in 2020. Awaiting for response for road repairs for 2022.

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